Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Identify visual language features to convey a positive health message

For health this week, Room 5 discussed good health and how to stay and keep healthy. Furthermore, we examined various advertisements and posters that promoted health and identified how the images were able to convey a positive health message. Afterwards, Room 5 created their own posters. 

by: James

by: Gabrielle 

by: Alina

by: Rameen 

Peace Wall

August 7th to 11th was Peace Week in New Zealand and the 30th Anniversary of New Zealand's Nuclear Free Zone Act. To celebrate New Zealand's success as a peacemaking nation, 
Room 5 made a peace wall depicting through images and texts what peace means to them. 

Monday, August 21, 2017


For reading this week, the Canada reading group read about different flags and the significance of the various flags. For their reading activity, they constructed their own flag using facts from the country to reflect that countries culture and identity. 

My flag of Iceland has  the Northern lights that shine in the sky.
Also in Iceland there are hot springs that people go to.
There are ancient lava flows that have cooled up and made a waterfall cave.
There are lots of volcanoes in Iceland.
 The arctic fox is the only mammal that lives in Iceland.
There are also seals that live in Iceland That are different colours like white.
by: Rameen 

Raising Funds

In the Australia reading group, the students read an article about how pollution kills children in poor countries around the world. For their activity they created a fundraiser about how they can donate money to poor countries.

by: Haley

by: Chris 

by: Naysha

by: Jonathan 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Art Collage

For the past two weeks for art, Room 5 created collages to represent their culture, identity and interests on Pic Collage or Google Drawings. 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Fair Trade Social Media Campaign

In the Brazil reading group students read F is for fair trade, but what is fair trade? an article exploring fair trade. For their activity, Brazil had to make a social media campaign to encourage people to buy fair trade products. 

by: Meera

by: Alina 
by: Sobia 
by: Prianka 

Social Media Campaign

The Australia reading group read the text, "How social media aided the fight against injustices in 2014" which explored how social media helped the campaigns in Ukraine and Venezuela in 2014. The Australia reading group had to make their social media campaign about an issue that they wanted others to know about. 

by: Haley 

by: Frederick 

World Health Organisations

For inquiry, the Year 5/6 students have been going around to the different classes to learn about globalisation. Room 5 started with global health organisations and had to predict what would happen if there were no world health organisations. 

by: Jonathan
by: Naysha 

by: Amelia