Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Exploring magnets

For the next three weeks the Year 5 and 6 classes will be rotating between classes for inquiry to explore magnetism, electricity, pulley and axles, incline planes, levers and wedges, energy and motions and forces. This week Room 5 learned about magnetism with four different experiments. 

Experiment #1: Magnetic Painting

Experiment #2: Suspended Paper Clip

 Experiment #3: Testing the Magnet 
Experiment #4: Testing the Pull

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Buy it Now!

Last week, the students in Room 5 created advertisements to persuade their audience to purchase their item. Room 5 used a range of persuasive language techniques including hyperboles, assertive and emotive language and rhetorical questions in their advertisements. 

by: Haley and Meera

by: Frederick Sun

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Improving Miss Montgomery's Bike

Last week, Room 5 had the task of improving Miss Montgomery's bike to ensure she was protected from the rain, could go up hills easily, and be seen in the dark. Room 5 had to persuade Miss Montgomery that they were the person for the job. 

How I am going to improve your bike

by: Amelia Lovie 
I should be able to improve your bike because I am very creative and am experienced at making and modifying things from scratch. I have ridden bikes before and read books about them so I know lots about bikes. I have a very big imagination that has great ideas.

To make your bike weatherproof against the rain I am going to place a wide but thick umbrella on your bike. It will cover you while all the other bike riders will get soaked.
I am going to stick special hill magnets to your bike so the top of the hill will detect the magnets and pull you uphill without any effort.
I understand how annoying it is to miss an enjoyable coffee in the morning. I have figured out a way to fix that problem. I will build a foldable tray to place your coffee cup on. It will include a small basket in the middle so i would be certain your coffee won’t fall out.
I have invented a way to be seen easily in the dark. I will glue strong LED lights all around your bike, they stick out far so people will see you. I will also give you a glow in the dark coat which can be seen inside cars and windows.
You might think I am too young to improve your bike but I have a big imagination that is perfect for modifying your bike to make it one in a million. For example I create miniature notebooks for my toys and they look absolutely real!
I am recommending you to hire me for this job. I am the right person to fulfil this task. All people will obviously see you at night with a glow in the dark coat and LED lights. Once I have improved your bike all the people around you will be complimenting and chat about your bike.

Can I Fix Your Bike Miss Montgomery ?
by: Anish Choudhary
I believe I would bike your bike so upgraded so that when you are riding it on the streets everybody will say “What a upgrade! “.Every day when I come to the school i always see it and think to myself “that bike looks really old so I should upgrade it. I would make it be like a really great bike.
To make this bike waterproof first I would put a really clean coat of waterproofing spray. Next I would make a mini dome, waterproof bubble to make your amazing ride safer from the elements.
To make Miss M’s bike to be seen  in the dark I would put LED’s everywhere. I would put glow in the dark paint on her helmet and rusty old bike.
I recommend that I will be the person to improve your rusty old bike! I am sure you will agree to let me put some extreme glow in the dark paint on it. I believe that i will find some waterproofing spray and put it all over your bike.

Why I should upgrade Miss Montgomery's bike
by: Alina Murumkar
I think you, Miss Montgomery should let me improve your bike.  You should let me because I still have my bike that I got when I was seven so  I know how look after bikes. Another thing is I know how to change flat tires.
To improve your bike I will add a huge plastic cup and cup off the bottom and stick it solidly. Also I will add a straw so you can drink without any hassle so you can drink coffee or any  other drink more easier than making a pie. To make your bike waterproof I  will  put a giant surfing board which  is made out of wood which can also flap so if you wanted to you can flap it back. On the pole I will put a relaxing pillow on so if you bangs her head you will be better than okay. The pole will be 1 and a half metres high so you will not bang your head. I will  make sure 100% you will get seen in the any brightness. To do this joyful task I will put a enormous light on top of the surfing board which can be can a mile away. Also your improved bike will have two glimmering lights to bright up your lovely life on it. I am 100% percent you will love it. For going up hills I will put a extra wheel to make it go extra fast. To make this possible  I will add a tiny engine which is almost invisible but do not choose a book by it’s cover the engine is extremely fast so hardly need to pedal.
One reason you should hire me is because I have so many ideas that will burst your brain. I am positive you will love it. Some of them your to fix your dreadful problems with your delightful bike.
Another reason is because I know a lot about bikes because I have my own bike so you know I am the best bet in the competition. I know that you need good people to fix your gresome problems.
The last reason is that I get the freshest materials from first-hand brands so it will not break in  at least 5 years. Also if the bike breaks I will give you materials and make sure they were better than the first time, for free!
Now you should be conveyed to let me upgrade your bike to a beautiful form. I am very creative, I have a huge amount of experience with bikes and I get the freshest materials around so you do not have to get new ones. So now you know why you must hire me with your problems of the weather, going up hills, being seen in the dark and drinking coffee because I am the best of the best!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Time Machine

For the past two weeks the scientists in Room 5 have been hard at work building a time machine for inquiry to present at syndicate assembly. The concept came from the idea of combining last term's inquiry, Who am I, with this term's inquiry functions. Firstly, Room 5 designed a 3D model of what they wanted the machine to look like, then as a class we designed the final product. Along the way we ran into problems, our biggest problem was not having a big enough box for the time machine. But Room 5 improvised and we used what we had and cut, taped and glued different boxes together to make our final product. Students were split up into groups and in charge of a different aspect of the time machine. Within each group we ran into difficulties but in the end Room 5 collaborated to solve the problems and to create the final product. Overall, we learned duct tape can fix any problem. 

The following photos illustrate our process behind the creation of the time machine: 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Compare and Contrast Sculptors

Last week the Australia reading group explored the New Zealand sculptor Regan Gentry's world. The reading group compared and contrasted Regan Gentry's life and work with another sculptor of their choice. 

Important figures in the Māori community

The Brazil reading group read a story about Dame Kāterina Te Heikōkō Mataira a New Zealand author who has written multiple children's books in te reo Māori and English. Afterwards students had to research important figures who have made a significant change in the Māori community. 


For inquiry this term Room 5 is looking at functions. Last week we examined the functions of a baby carrier and compared and contrasted baby carriers from different cultures. Room 5 adapted a baby carrier to improve its function.