Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Newspaper article

For the past two weeks, the Australia reading group has been looking at newspapers, from how they are organised to the differences between the articles. After examining and reading a variety of newspapers and a school journal about how newspapers are compiled and organised, the Australia group wrote their own newspaper article on a variety of different topics. 

By Haley Dave
Fast food that the kids could be eating

The students from the Auckland University measured how close fast food outlets are from schools around Auckland they found out that within 800m there are a lot of fast food outlets. Dr. Stefanie Vandevijvere says there should be ways to stop kids going to the fast food outlets before and after school and also wants the local Government to act about this, so councilers could restrict new food outlets around schools. The Government also wants the kids to stop. One of Aucklands CBD schools was found to have 85 fast food outlets within 1km of the school.They also should stop because they would be using too much money and will become unhealthy.

All Blacks Break World Record
By Jonathan Mar

File:Malakai Fekitoa 2015 RWC. ...
An outstanding performance by the Julian Savea

On a very starry weekend at Eden Park New Zealand All Blacks took on the Australian Wallabies to win and break a world rugby record. Running on their 17th win in a row they were determined to win their 18th and break the world record for most test matches won in a row.  With an outstanding win they went away with a new record. Massive parties were had for them and they will always be known as record breakers. Well, until the next team takes over.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

WALT-compare and contrast Indian and Chinese immigration

For inquiry, Room 5 has been looking at India immigration to New Zealand. As a class we researched and discussed the differences and similarities between Indian and Chinese immigration to New Zealand. 

by: James, Meera, Mishti and Eknoor

by: Jonathan, Amelia, Danyon, Sobia, Anish and Eshaan

    Differences India
   Differences China
A reason they left was because of the decline of village industries.
Left because of war,overpopulation and   crime.
Left because of competitive education.
There was underemployment in India .
In India and China they were underpaid.
They re-migrated from different countries.
There were expensive houses .
There were not much job opportunities in China and India.
The miners wives and children  were allowed to come in the 19th century.
Indians immigrated on British ships.
They did not make much money in China and India.
There were land shortages in China.
They came in the 18th centaury.
There was waste and pollution.
There was drought.
They could come freely to NZ unlike Chinese.
There was peasant revolts in India and China.
Many worked as slaves in China.
The act started  was passed in 1899.
Stealing and robbery.
More relaxed lifestyle in NZ.
They were determined to go to NZ.
They had trouble immigrating .
They arrived in the 19th century.
They were aware of opportunities overseas.
There was racism.

by: Naysha, Rameen, Ruyi, Aryan and Alina

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Who am I?

Last week Room 5 drew their self-portraits with pastels and had to include a pair of sunglasses on their self-portraits. Located inside of the sunglasses are different items that represent who they are and what makes them unique.
by: Meera 

by: Frederick 

by: Haley 

by: Jonathan 

by: Naysha 

Monday, March 13, 2017

1990s Immigration

Last week Room 5 looked at immigration in New Zealand in the 1990s. Room 5 imagined what it was like to move from a different country to New Zealand. They wrote postcards to their families and friends about their first impressions of New Zealand and described any difficulties they may have had with moving to a different country. Below is a sample of a few of the students postcards. The rest can be viewed on their individual blogs. 

Hawker, Jet, Takeoff, Aircraft ...Dear Dad and Mum,
I don’t  speak English it's green and I like it and I want to go to Australia. And I saw some big buildings in April. We are going to SKY tower and my dad and my mum  and my brother are coming to New Zealand because there is lots of noise in India and it is silent in New Zealand . Some people are chinese and some people are Indian and some people are New Zealanders.

From Abel

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Shape Poems

This week, Room 5 wrote shape poems. Shape poetry is a type of poetry that describes an object and is shaped the same as the object the poem is describing. The best part is you can write your shape poem on anything! 

by: Naysha 

by: Prianka

by: Sobia

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Helping Hands

The France reading group read the story "Helping Hands." A story about helping endangered and orphaned animals. They had to design a poster to illustrate they would help raise money for orphan animals.