Thursday, August 10, 2017

Art Collage

For the past two weeks for art, Room 5 created collages to represent their culture, identity and interests on Pic Collage or Google Drawings. 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Fair Trade Social Media Campaign

In the Brazil reading group students read F is for fair trade, but what is fair trade? an article exploring fair trade. For their activity, Brazil had to make a social media campaign to encourage people to buy fair trade products. 

by: Meera

by: Alina 
by: Sobia 
by: Prianka 

Social Media Campaign

The Australia reading group read the text, "How social media aided the fight against injustices in 2014" which explored how social media helped the campaigns in Ukraine and Venezuela in 2014. The Australia reading group had to make their social media campaign about an issue that they wanted others to know about. 

by: Haley 

by: Frederick 

World Health Organisations

For inquiry, the Year 5/6 students have been going around to the different classes to learn about globalisation. Room 5 started with global health organisations and had to predict what would happen if there were no world health organisations. 

by: Jonathan
by: Naysha 

by: Amelia 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

What's the matter?

The Brazil reading group read the text What's the Matter? about a machine that gives you items you ask for but with a twist. For example: the main character Dan asked for chocolate and was given drinking chocolate that poured onto his carpet. For their reading activity, the Brazil group had to make a poster advertising the matter mover. 

by: Meera 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Rocket Ropes
A sight of giant buckets dangling in the air.
Climb to the top level and start it if you dare.
Obstacles lie ahead of you you can't turn back now.
Finish the first obstacle and give a big great bow.
Stand up on a platform wind is blowing in your face
You can see the end you can't stop now you need to keep this pace
Your back at the top and ready for some fun .
Fly down the zip line and head towards the sun.
Unclip your harness and now you're on the ground.
Claps swarm around you and that's the only sound
By Jonathan
Image result for rocket ropes

The beach…

On the beach I collect my shells, so that I can throw them
in the well. When I walk on the sand I wonder who owns the land. Whoever does, I feel so jealous because they get to witness the sunset over the sea. Everyday and every night, people will find the beautiful moon light…
                        by: Meera 
Image result for shells on the beachImage result for shells on the beach

Photos are a great memory especially in exciting places like the beach. Photos can be taken anywhere like the sea, on a tree or even on a flying machine.They are magical in your dreams but in actual life they are scenes. Everyday every night the moon shines bright in the sky so photos have a time to shine in the majestic moonlight.
by: Naysha
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Image result for moon light images

Going to Clip n Climb
Clip n Climb is an amusing & fun place
Even more fun than an oozing ice-cream in a sunny place
There are many things like slides and rock climbing
The slide is very scary indeed but the only thing needed is timing
I clipped and climbed all the way to the top
The abseiling was definitely a BIG drop
It was extremely hard to clip myself up
Sometimes I needed some water even a whole cup
The harness sometimes felt really tight
When I was abseiling I felt like I was flying a kite
Soon I was climbing up my last wall
Soon my dad gave me a call
by: Amelia

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Over the last couple of weeks, Room 5 has been hard at work drafting, editing, re-crafting and practicing their speeches. This week Room 5 presented their speeches to the whole class. All of the students speeches are on their individual blogs. 
Ka pai Room 5!